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New build low carbon house

Environmental concerns were the core focus of our new build house design for this compact site in the north east of Scotland, replacing a "Doran" concrete panelled bungalow of 1970’s origin. The aim was to reduce the carbon footprint and space heating requirements, yet provide excellent indoor levels of comfort and extensive perimeter glazing to make the most of the panoramic views.

A "fabric first" approach to building design

As architects, our "fabric first" approach to design was vital to achieving these aims. We specified the same innovative external wall and roof insulation system that we’ve used on other projects to great effect - a patented breathable sprayed foam.

Low carbon architecture

The virtually airtight structure which results was partnered by a heat recovery ventilation system and a biomass boiler with the comfort of underfloor heating at ground level. To complete its low carbon credentials, we specified both solar photovoltaic and solar thermal panels. Large areas of south facing glazing help with reducing overall energy requirements through solar gain.

Francis' lead on the architectural design of the building was complemented by a contemporary interior design led up by Shona, making best use of the bright and open feel of so much glazing. The result is a stylish new build residence which far surpasses the bungalow it replaces in terms of the quality of the architectural and interior design, and creates a comfortable environment for a family dwelling.

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